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We offer a wide range of international freight services at competitive prices.
At AussieFreight International Logistics we take your shipment personally.

Import & Export

We want you to consider AussieFreight as your business partner in all aspects of international freight services. We take care of all the hassle for you, leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best – growing your own business. Air or Sea. Import or Export. Large or Small. Leave it in our hands and relax. We take it personally and provide solutions, not excuses.

Whether you have the occasional small freight movement or regular ongoing shipments, AussieFreight will take it personally. We appoint a single representative as liaison with each customer. That person will become your one-stop shop for all aspects of the freight movement. You will not be shuffled back and forth through different departments where one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. Your contact will know you and your business personally, and will know the status of each shipment through all stages from booking to delivery and follow-up.

Whether you are an established trader looking for reliability and a better standard of international freight services, or just starting out and wanting a friendly reliable consultant who can provide advice and guide you through the maze, contact us to discuss your requirements or request a quote.

Personal Effects

Australian citizens or residents returning home from overseas are generally permitted by customs to bring in their personal effects free of import duty. The customs law is complex but AussieFreight will remove all the hassle for you. If your goods do not meet the Australian Customs Service definition of Personal Effects then you need to use our commercial import clearance service but will still be assured of the famous AussieFreight commitment to excellent customer service.

We recommend you make contact with us about our international freight services, even before you send the shipment to avoid costly mistakes. Overseas carriers do not know the Australian rules and you may end up with unexpected bills. Let us take the hassle for you. We will liaise with your overseas carrier and ensure that things proceed smoothly this end. For more information, see the Australian Customs Service definition of personal effects and the most common pitfalls.

If your items do not meet the Customs definitions of personal effects, you may still be able to import them. If they have a customs value of less than AUD $1000 then they may still be free of duty under the Self-Assessed Clearance rules; otherwise see our information on commercial imports.

Excess Baggage

Our excess and unaccompanied baggage service can save you hundreds of dollars in airline fees. Airline excess baggage rates are typically $10 to $70 per kilogram depending on the destination. Our rates are typically 50-80% less than airline excess baggage charges, and you get AussieFreight’s famous no-hassle service.

Why so inexpensive?

Quite frankly airlines find excess baggage to be a hassle. They do not want to reallocate cargo space at the last moment and would rather charge high retail fees to discourage this. We can purchase at wholesale rates from the airlines, provided we give them 24 hours notice of a shipment so they can allocate space. You need to be organised enough to arrange your excess baggage before your day of departure, but in return you can save hundreds of dollars by using our international freight services.

We use the same high quality international passenger airlines that you yourself are likely to use. Our service is hassle-free, reliable and inexpensive and our staff are dedicated to ensuring you get the best in friendly efficient customer service.

Special Projects

It may sound like a cliché but AussieFreight can truly handle just about any international freight movement from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. We really do take it personally. We thrive on variety and love the challenge of customising our international freight services to best suit your individual needs.

Here are a just a few of the logistics projects handled by our experienced staff in the past.

  • Walking with Dinosaurs for the BBC
  • World Expo 88
  • Movie set “The Phantom” for MGM studios
  • Concerts for Diana Ross, Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr and the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Diamond courier service between Australia and Europe
  • Transport of cattle semen
  • Chartering of vessels for supply of mines in Africa (Fremantle to Cameroon)
  • Escorted travel to Guangzhou trade fair and other suppliers in China
  • Chartering of aircraft for transport of live pigs (Brisbane to Papua New Guinea)
  • Movement of components from Europe to Asia for assembly, to Australia for completion and re-export around the world
  • Product sourcing and procurement from Europe and Asia
  • Relocation of international Consular staff

For more information on any of our international freight services, call

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