There are a large variety of vehicles available in Australia and around the world for transporting cargo via road. Some vehicles may contain equipment such as cranes or lifts to assist with loading/unloading cargo, whilst others might require equipment such as forklifts and loading docks to be available in the places of loading/unloading to perform these functions.
Below we describe a few of the vehicles commonly used for transport of International Cargo, although this list is not exhaustive and there are various other options available including glass frames, refrigerated trucks, truck mounted moffets, motorbikes, cars, car carriers and many, many more.

This information is provided to just inform you of the various options and you do not need to concern yourself about which vehicle or trailer to choose. AussieFreight’s friendly experts will always make the most appropriate choice having worked with you to ascertain your needs and limitations.

For common vehicles used for Road Transport of Full Shipping Containers please click here

Delivery Vans


Vans are commonly used for the transport of small parcels, boxes and/or envelopes. Typically with capacities from 500kg up to 2 ton, Vans can also be used for transport of 1-2 pallets.

Tautliner Truck

Tautliners are ‘closed’ trucks which have curtains on either side of the tray. These curtains can be pulled aside to allow for loading and unloading of the truck at either side, rather than just the rear of the truck. Tautliners come in a variety of sizes, from 2-ton trucks up to Semi Trailers and B-Doubles.

open tray

Open Tray

Open Tray Trucks are just that. ‘Open’. These trucks do not have curtains or ceilings like Tautliners and so are often easier to load or unload than other trucks. They also come in a variety of sizes from 2-ton trucks up to Semi Trailers and B-Doubles

Tail-lift Truck

Taillift Trucks, also known as Tailgate Trucks, are vehicles which have a hydraulic platform on the back to be able to load pallets and crates without the need of a forklift. These trucks typically carry hydraulic pallet jacks on board to be able to move the cargo around for loading and unloading.

road freight

Loader Crane

Loader Cranes, commonly referred to by the brand name ‘Hiab’, are trucks which have a crane fitted either behind the cab or at the rear of the truck which allows them to pick up cargo from ground level to load or unload the truck.

Drop Deck Trailer

A Drop Deck Trailer is a special type of trailer similar to a Skeletal or Standard Trailer, except it has a much lower height. Commonly used for large pieces of equipment, buildings and Open Top or Flat Rack Containers, Drop Deck Trailers can transport heavy and large items that would be too tall to move on a standard height trailer.

drop deck