Special Projects

It may sound like a cliché but AussieFreight can truly handle just about any international freight movement from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. We really do take it personally. We thrive on variety and love the challenge of customising a solution to your individual needs.

Here are just some of the logistics projects handled by our experienced staff in the past.

  • Walking with Dinosaurs for the BBC
  • World Expo 88
  • Movie set “The Phantom” for MGM studios
  • Concerts for Diana Ross, Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr and the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Diamond courier service between Australia and Europe
  • Transport of cattle semen
  • Chartering of vessels for supply of mines in Africa (Fremantle to Cameroon)
  • Chartering of aircraft for transport of live pigs (Brisbane to Papua New Guinea)
  • Movement of components from Europe to Asia for assembly, to Australia for completion and re-export around the world
  • Movement of chemicals into Melbourne from China while the country was in shut-down for the Olympics
  • Product sourcing and procurement from Europe and Asia
  • Escorted travel to Guangzhou trade fair and other suppliers in China
  • Relocation of international Consular staff

You don’t need to be a huge multinational. Some of our most valued customers are small importers bringing in anything from paint brushes and basketballs to G-strings and nappies or exporters of anything from health supplements to generators.

No matter how large or small your shipment. Whether you are ready to go or just want to chat about your future plans. AussieFreight takes pride in devising a tailored logistics solution to whatever situation you can dream up. Challenge us and be delighted by our service and our prices!

Let AussieFreight take the hassle for you. Contact us to solve your international logistics problems for you, leaving you free to concentrate on maximizing your business.

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