Step By Step Instructions

  1. Contact us as early as possible, preferably before your shipment departs. We are happy to give you advice and support even if you are only early in the planning stage but if you have left things to the last minute, you can still benefit from AussieFreight’s no hassles service.
  2. Make sure you and your shipment qualify for the Customs definition of Personal Effects and that you have no prohibited goods. If you have restricted goods make sure you have the necessary approvals as early as possible. Check some of the common pitfalls. If applicable, see our detailed information on importing vehicles (including cars, trailers, caravans, motorcycles and motorhomes). If you do not qualify for the personal effects provisions see our commercial imports information
  3. Complete a packing declaration listing the contents of your shipment
  4. Complete the Australian Customs and Quarantine Service Unaccompanied Personal Effects declaration. This form is available in other languages but must be completed in English.
  5. Complete the shipper’s letter of instruction authorising us to act as your agent with Quarantine and Customs

Personal Effects