Tariff Concessions

Tariff concession Orders (TCOs) reduce the amount of customs duty payable on imported products where there is no equivalent locally manufactured product. They are designed to enhance the international competitiveness of local industry. Several of our clients have benefited greatly when our brokers have discovered TCOs that previous forwarders have overlooked enabling our clients to claim back thousands of dollars in overpaid duty. If you believe your import may qualify for a TCO then contact us for advice. Note that certain products, including food, clothing and passenger vehicles are ineligible for tariff concessions, and if there is an equivalent or “substitutable” product available locally then a tariff concession order (TCO) will not be granted.

The application process for a new tariff concession order (TCO) is complex and time-consuming but AussieFreight Customs Brokers are experienced in finding existing TCOs or applying for a new TCO if required.

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