Self-Assessed Clearance

A Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC) is a process of the Australian Customs Service whereby any shipment arriving by sea or air that has a customs value of less than $1000 and meeting other criteria can be cleared electronically and will generally not have any customs duty payable. We will handle all the processes for you but the following information is provided for your information.

Shipments including alcohol and tobacco products can be cleared under SAC regulations but duty, GST and possibly wine equalisation tax will be payable.

Shipments that contain restricted goods may be cleared under SAC regulations but any other government approvals (eg Transport Department, Health Department) still need to be obtained in advance and other government charges may be payable.

Shipments that may be of concern to Quarantine may be cleared under SAC regulations but will still need to be cleared by AQIS and additional charges may be payable.

The SAC regulations only apply to goods arriving as cargo by air or sea so articles arriving by mail are excluded.

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