Importing has many pitfalls for the inexperienced. Imported goods may be subject to customs duty and GST depending on the nature of the goods, their intended use and country of origin. Goods from some countries may have tariffs imposed while others may be from a free-trade zone or have a tariff concession. Some of the shipping costs are subject to GST and others are not. Other taxes such as Wine Equalisation Tax or Luxury Car Tax may be payable.

With AussieFreight by your side you can concentrate on growing your business and leave us to handle the hassle. AussieFreight International Logistics are the import experts and we take your import personally. Your AussieFreight import partner will arrange for a carter to collect your consignment from the point of origin and take it to the appropriate airport or seaport for shipping to Australia. We take care of foreign duties, taxes, inspection requirements and customs clearances. We arrange to have the consignment loaded onto the airplane or ship and transported to Australia. Once in Australia we arrange unloading of your shipment and handle all the customs and quarantine inspections and clearances and arrange for a delivery to your door virtually anywhere in Australia. A true door-to door service with maximum convenience and minimum fuss.

AussieFreight International Logistics staff have had many years of experience in importation of both general cargo and perishables. We can bring in a computer from Japan, Spices from India, a luxury yacht from America or a Ferrari from Italy. We have access to dozens of airlines and shipping lines so can provide you with the most competitive prices and reliable service. Our famous friendly personal service is provided whether you are an occasional importer of small shipments or a frequent importer of large shipments. We can charter an entire cargo aircraft or co-load your smaller shipment with other importers to save on costs. Let AussieFreight tailor a personal import solution especially for you.

If you are looking for advice on customs or quarantine issues. If you would like to defer payment of GST obligations or want to see if you are eligible for a tariff concession, let our experts take the hassle for you.

Please contact one of our experts for further information or request a quote.

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