Duty Drawback

Australia has free-trade agreements in place with a number of countries including the USA, New Zealand, Thailand and Malaysia, and there are a number of other countries where differential rates of duty may apply. There are also tariff concessions available on many imported products. It is possible that your previous freight forwarder or customs broker may have overlooked a free-trade agreement, differential duty rate or tariff concession and that you may have therefore paid too much duty on your imports.

AussieFreight has successfully applied for duty-drawbacks from the government worth many thousands of dollars to our clients. Our service is much more than just freight forwarding and customs clearance. We take your business personally and strive to get you the best outcome in all aspects of freight movement. If there is a cost saving to be made or a refund of duty available, you can be sure that AussieFreight will fight for you.

Contact us for a confidential discussion if you feel you may be entitled to a duty drawback.

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