Terms and Conditions

The small print

All AussieFreight services are provided subject to our standard trading terms and conditions . By making a booking with AussieFreight you are agreeing that you will be bound by these terms and conditions.

Delayed or Lost Baggage

Anyone who has travelled internationally knows that delays and missing baggage are part of the rich tapestry of travel. We strive to offer a no hassles service and if airline delays or losses do occur we will intercede with the airline on your behalf, but ultimately the responsibility for any delays or losses lies with the airline, not with AussieFreight.
If an airline loses your baggage their liability is limited by the Warsaw Convention. We recommend you obtain insurance against loss for the full value of your baggage.

Confirmed Weights and Measures

When you make a booking we give you an estimate of costs based on the information you have provided. However all baggage will be weighed and measured in our depot and the final charge will be based on our weights and measures. This is especially important with items such as bicycles or surfboards where the cubic weight charged by the airline will often be higher than the actual weight. You will be advised of the final charge before the point of no return.

AussieFreight as Agent

The shipper and not AussieFreight is responsible for the contents of the baggage and must sign a security declaration that no prohibited items are included. All shipments are done at the shipper’s risk.

Destination Charges

The price quoted by AussieFreight includes everything required to get your baggage to the arrival airport. Any charges at the destination including terminal fees, storage or government charges are payable separately unless you have negotiated a door to door service.

Storage Charges

If you do not specify a “do not deliver before” date then the baggage will be sent on the first available flight. If you (or someone you nominate) cannot collect the baggage in a short space of time after arrival you will have to pay airport storage fees that can be quite high. AussieFreight does not guarantee any particular delivery date or time. We can store baggage in Australia for up to a month before sending so you have time to get to the destination country.

Goods and Services Tax

Baggage for export is not generally subject to Australian GST.

Excess Baggage