Step by Step Instructions.

  1. Get an instant estimate.
  2. Make an on-line booking or contact one of our friendly staff.
  3. Make sure your baggage is appropriately packed and labelled and does not contain any prohibited items.
  4. Complete the necessary documentation.
    1. Shippers Letter of Instruction (SLI)
    2. Packing List
    3. Security Declaration
    4. Customs Form for the destination country
    5. Copy of your passport ID page.
  5. We will arrange a time with you to accept your baggage. This can be from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 30 days (longer by arrangement) before you travel. We generally recommend at least 5 working days before you want to collect your goods at the destination.
    1. For our standard door-to-airport service we will arrange a courier and contact you with a time for collection of your baggage. You will need to show the driver your passport AND provide them the documentation listed above.
    2. For an airport to airport service you simply drop off your baggage at one of our handy locations across Australia. You will need to bring in your passport and the documentation listed above.
  6. We will verify the dimensions and weight of the baggage in our depot and advise you of the final price. You can pay by Cash, Bank Cheque (sorry no personal cheques), Australia Post Money Order, Electronic Transfer or Credit Card.
  7. Relax. We will handle everything from here and advise you how, when and where to collect your baggage at your destination.

Excess Baggage