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We offer a no hassles service where we collect your baggage from your door virtually anywhere in Australia and deliver it to any of about 5000 overseas airports. Alternatively you can deliver your baggage to one of our handy locations.
For additional security and weather-resistance we can wrap your baggage in cling-film for a nominal charge of $10 per standard sized suitcase.
We can arrange insurance on your behalf.
We are happy to store your baggage free of charge in Australia for up to a month to suit your travelling itinerary.
Your baggage will be available for collection from the cargo section of the destination airport. We give you all the details and directions needed to collect your baggage with a minimum of fuss.
Our quoted price includes everything needed to get your baggage to the destination airport but excludes any charges at the destination.

We handle all the hassles for you. You can make your arrangements from one day to one month before you travel (or even longer by special arrangement) but we usually recommend at least 5 days before you want your baggage to arrive at the destination. Once we have security clearance we generally use the first available airline that is able to deliver your baggage to the destination airport and we will advise you of the details necessary for collection. Your baggage travels on commercial passenger aircraft, which may or may not be the same airline or flight you are taking. Your baggage will be collected from the cargo section of the airport. We will give you directions and contact details.

In freight terminology the shipper (consignor) is the person sending the baggage and the consignee is the person receiving them irrespective of who actually owns the items. The shipper and consignee may in fact be the same person. AussieFreight acts as agent for the shipper and baggage is transported at the shipper’s risk. Security regulations require that we have positive identification of the shipper, so we must see their passport or equivalent and take a photocopy. It is the shipper who gives us the authority to act on their behalf (a shipper’s letter of instruction or SLI) and the shipper that specifies who is authorised to collect the baggage at the other end.

We can still send you goods overseas even if you are not travelling yourself. In these circumstances the shipment is considered as “personal effects” rather than “baggage”. The only real difference is that you would need a customs broker in the destination country to clear the shipment through customs. We have partners in most countries around the world so you can use our recommended broker, or you are welcome to arrange your own. For more information see our personal effects section.

AussieFreight can handle any size shipment from a small suitcase to an entire plane-load. We do have a minimum chargeable weight of 15kg, but quite frankly if your baggage is less than 15kg it may be cheaper and easier to post the items.

International travel can be exhilarating but at the same time a bit overwhelming. Let our experienced staff take all the stress away from you. Get an obligation-free instant quote or follow our easy step-by-step instructions to see how inexpensive and easy it can be to let AussieFreight handle your excess or unaccompanied baggage.

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