Prohibited Items

The regulations that govern baggage transport are common sense. You must not pack anything in your baggage that would be considered illegal, dangerous or valuable. If you cannot carry it on a plane with you, it certainly cannot go in your baggage.

The following is a sample but not exhaustive list of items that MUST NOT be packed in your baggage. If you have any doubt about any item ask us or check with the airline (regarding dangerous items) customs (regarding commercial or illegal items) or quarantine (regarding human, animal or plant items). All of the items listed (except illegal items) can be moved by AussieFreight on your behalf but only as general cargo not as baggage. Contact us for further information.

Customs and quarantine regulations are very strict. Your baggage will be subject to security, screening, and inspection. If you breach these regulations the very best outcome will be delay in delivery and a hefty fine. In Australia you could be fined up to $50000 and imprisoned for up to seven years. Overseas you could be shot!

Quarantine Items

  • Plants, Plant Products, Seeds, Tobacco, Flowers (including tools with plant residues)
  • Soil (including dirt on shoes, tools etc)
  • Animals, Animal Products, Skins, Fur, Ivory, Shells
  • Medical samples, specimens or tissue, body fluids
  • Human remains (including ashes)
  • Food or anything edible
  • Alcoholic beverages or anything drinkable

Illegal Items

  • Drugs
  • Pornography
  • Politically or racially provocative, sensitive or banned material

Dangerous Items

  • Hazardous goods as defined by aviation authorities
  • Any item requiring temperature regulation or special handling
  • Perfumes
  • Flammables, fuel, gas, cigarette lighters, matches
  • Dry Ice
  • Paint, Thinner, Turpentine, Spirits, Acetone (nail polish remover)
  • Aerosols including air horns, mace, deodorants, shaving cream etc.
  • Camping Stoves and fuel canisters
  • Fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, scuba tanks
  • Weapons, firearms, ammunition
  • Explosives, detonators, fuses, grenades, fireworks, flares
  • Oxidizers, Corrosives, Bleaches, Lead/Acid Batteries
  • Poisons, Pesticides
  • Mercury thermometers
  • Lithium batteries ***NOTE this is a relatively new prohibition and relates to computers, mobile phones, PDAs, Toys, Cameras etc. There is a risk of batteries exploding so Lithium batteries or items containing lithium batteries are prohibited in baggage ***

Valuable Items

  • Antiques, Historical Artefacts, Fine Art
  • Currency or Negotiable Financial Instruments
  • Diamonds (including industrial), Jewellery, Watches, Gemstones, Bullion
  • Collectible or Irreplaceable items

Excess Baggage