AussieFreight Baggage Service

Our excess and unaccompanied baggage service can save you hundreds of dollars in airline fees. Airline excess baggage rates are typically $10 to $70 per kilogram depending on the destination. Our rates are typically 50-80% less than airline excess baggage charges, and you get AussieFreight’s famous no-hassles service.

Why so inexpensive?

Quite frankly airlines find excess baggage to be a hassle. They do not want to reallocate cargo space at the last moment and would rather charge high retail fees to discourage this. We can purchase at wholesale rates from the airlines provided we give them 24 hours notice of a shipment so they can allocate space. You need to be organised enough to arrange your excess baggage before your day of departure, but in return you can save hundreds of dollars.

We use the same high quality international passenger airlines that you yourself are likely to use. Our service is hassle-free, reliable and inexpensive and our staff are dedicated to ensuring you get the best in friendly efficient customer service.

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Excess Baggage