Frequently Asked Questions

At the destination

How do I collect my baggage when it arrives?

Why can’t you give me these details when I make a booking?

What is an MAWB number?

Do I have to pay any charges locally?

What if I can’t collect my baggage straight away?

What about customs and quarantine charges?

Can you deliver to my door?

If we have delighted you with our service please tell us and also tell your friends. If we have failed to meet your expectations please tell us because we continually strive to improve our service and we are not satisfied unless you are happy.


Does the Airline provide cover against loss or damage?

Does my travel insurance cover my excess baggage?

How do I arrange insurance cover?

What does an insurance policy cover?

Weight and Volume

What is Cubic Weight?

How does this apply to my baggage?

How is Cubic Weight calculated?

No Hassles
We give you this information because the concept of cubic weight may be new to you and if you have calculated your charges based on actual weight you may have underestimated the charge. Nobody likes nasty surprises. However you do not need to worry about these calculations unless you are particularly interested. We will do all the weighing, measurement and calculating for you and advise you of the final dimensions and costs before your baggage departs.

Excess Baggage